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1:1 sessions

Arrange your 1:1 sessions with your clients

Don't get lost in the details of organizing your one-on-one coaching sessions, manage all the operations through Korvo.

Manage your 1:1 sessions end-to-end

1:1 sessions

Set up paid and free sessions.
Collect secure payments.
Create a customized link for your session including date and time.
Track your sessions with calendar and list views.
List the consultants you team up with in your organization.
Send customizable email and SMS reminders.

How can you manage your 1:1 sessions with Korvo?

Set up your session
Add it to your calendar
Share the session link with the client
Collect payment

Boost client satisfaction

Secure platformEarn trust with reliable payment infrastructure and professional consultation management, converting new customers into regulars.
Detailed informationShare detailed information and your notes on your session page, inform your clients about the session in advance with bulk emails and SMS, and send reminders.
Easy session and payment trackingAllow your clients to track future 1:1 sessions, add sessions to their calendars, and make easy payments through the upcoming events page on the user interface.

Frequently asked questions about creating 1:1 sessions

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