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Manage your events with Korvo

Utilize a one-stop platform to carry out your live online and in-person group events, no technical skills required.

What sort of group event are you looking to organize?

Online class
Meet up
In-person event

What does Korvo provide for a seamless event experience?


Set a capacity limit for your event.
Create paid and free events.
Share community links such as a WhatsApp group or Discord channel.
Organize private events for specific audiences.
Send event details using customizable post-registration emails.
Send email and SMS reminders.
Add attendees paying via different methods to your events.
Create coupon codes for your events.

Features for online events

Use any platform (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.) to organize your event and send attendance links in your emails.

Features for in-person events

Ensure secure event entry with QR code check-in.
Share the event location using the map.

Carry out your event in 4 simple steps

Create your event
Add it to your calendar
Share your event link
Receive registrations and payments

Craft a perfect experience for your customers

Secure platformEarn trust with a reliable payment infrastructure and professional event management and convert your attendees into regular customers.
Detailed informationKeep your customers informed about your event beforehand with bulk emails and SMS reminders, and share relevant event documents.
Ongoing communicationMaintain contact with your customers by sending bulk emails and SMS messages after the event.

Frequently asked questions about creating events

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